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    From the harbour in Randers, goods were and are exported and imported. Copenhagen Business Academy, aU Kommunikation og formidling, Strategisk kommunikation,. The old water tower of Randers from 1905, now decommissioned. 2, by road it.5 kilometres (23.9 mi) north. The zoo is Randers's top tourist attraction. On a street in the town center is the house where, according to legend, Danish nobleman and national hero Niels Ebbesen killed Count Richard (Gerhard) III of Holstein on, during the Kingless Times, when the entire country was pledged to German counts. The large barrack of Randers Kaserne was built in 1940 and all in all the town and surrounding countryside could encamp from 10,000 to 15,000 men, in a position which could not easily be overrun.

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    With the opening of the first railway line to Aarhus in 1862, the barge-transports on the Guden River declined dramatically. The factory produced agricultural machines and in 1958 combine harvesters became part of the production line. Campus Randers University College Business Academy - Post-secondary education edit VIA University College in Randers, offers education in different fields such as social education, nursing and psychomotor therapy. In the late stages of the industrialisation, the industry of the city had managed to diversify and a number of high-tech companies are now based in and around Randers, although most are small-scale employers locally. Street names include Østervold Eastern Defense Wall Nørreport Northern Gate Vestervold Western Defense Wall and Lille Voldgade Little Defense Wall Street. Ebbesen died in a large battle at Skanderborg Castle in December 1340. In 1534 a farmers' uprising tried to storm the town unsuccessfully; it was part of wider regional peasant unrest affecting the Jutland region the same year, leading to the death of some 2000 by the sword in Aalborg alone. During industrialization, Randers quickly became one of the most important industrial towns in the country, but it saw itself outpaced by the cities of Aarhus and Aalborg at the beginning of the 20th century. The Tante Olga club on Storegade contains a bar and hosts live music, often jazz. Their uprising led to the death of Canute.

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    1890 Randers contained at that time an arsenal, a classical school with six professors, and had several industrial establishments, including manufacturers of gloves, for which the town had long been famous. It was designed by architect Flemming Lassen in the modernist style and built in 1961. Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark, online formidler Tekstforfatter Koordinator, public Relations and Communications. Randers (Danish pronunciation: ns ) is a city in, randers Municipality, Central Denmark Region on the, jutland peninsula. Contents History edit Etymology edit The oldest forms of the town's name appear on coins minted from the times of King George (108086) until those of Svend Grathe (114657). The wider municipality covers an area of 748.21 square kilometres (288.89 sq mi). Memphis Mansion, an Elvis Presley museum. The modern form Randers first came into use at the end of the 17th century. Its home ground is the Bionutria Park. The city's football team, Randers FC, play their homes games at the. Dronningborg Skov, in the hamlet of Dronningborg, is located in the northeastern suburbs of the city, and Henriettelund lies in the southwestern suburb of Vorup. Both teams play their home matches, at Arena Randers. The glove factory of Randers Handskefabrik was established in 1811, and is considered among the oldest glove factories in the World. 19 Suburbs of Randers include Dronningborg, Helsted, Kristrup, Neder Hornbæk, Over Hornbæk, Paderup, Romalt, and Vorup. 1200 5 Icelandic Randrosi ( Snorri Sturluson 's Heimskringla, 1230 and Rondrus, Randrøs ( Valdemar's Census Book, 1231). A 36 metre tall white concrete silo, was for many years a landmark of the town, but it was demolished in 2008 to give way for modern building projects. Café Sven Dalsgaard is a café and restaurant, named after the Randrusian artist by the same name. Gymnasium and other Secondary education in Denmark edit Randers has several different gymnasiums and technical educations. Copenhagen Business Academy, aU Kommunikation og formidling, Projektstyring,. Kapel til Nutiden (Chapel for Present Times a large ceramic sculpture ( Bjørn Nørgaard 1994). The Niels Ebbesens Spisehus restaurant serves Danish cuisine such as herring or pepper steak (peberbøf) is situated in a red three-storey, half-timbered building dated to 1643. Massive moats were set up around the town under the rule of King Christian III (15361559). Jensens kurser, grafiske kurser, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash. Sven Dalsgaard (19141999 painter and artist. 18 The city is Denmark's only natural river harbour, situated on the banks of the Guden River ( Gudenå about 6 miles (10 km) above the rivers mouth in Randers Fjord. A square in the city is named in his honor Michael Westergård Jensen kvindelig bodybuilder bedstemor sex (19161944) merchant and executed resistance fighter Lise Roel and Hugo Höstrup (both born 1928) architects Finn Henriksen (19332008) film director and screenwriter Mogens Camre (born 1936 politician (Danish People's Party) Peter Steen. The name translates simply as "The House of Culture" and it holds a number of important public cultural institutions. Randers FC homeground Football edit The city's major football team, Randers FC Randers Football Club (RFC plays in Denmark's top division, Superligaen.

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