In the midst of industrializing England, Constable painted pictures of rustic landscapes untouched by metal steam. (OleMiss) Royal French Colony of Louisiana: Louis: Moon Gleam Ana: River, Louis XIV: 1682 New France Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle Istrouma-Bâton Rouge 1699: French explorers name the place called red pole, bâton rouge: red pole in their language: Destrehan Plantation, Nottoway Plantation, Houmas. Paiute Reservation Washington: George Washington: : Spanish Conquistadores Bruno Heceta Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra: Sam Hill Memorial Bridge Great Northern Railway Magnate Sam Hill: What in the Sam Hill is going on? March 1622: Powhatten Chief Opechancanough leads an assault along a 140-mile front, kills 347 colonists. Earl of Mansfield: Scone Palace, Perthshire: Feudal Tenure Bill Land Register of 1617. The tide leaves the white-fish with heather caves. Colorado River Reservation Mojave, San Carlos Reservation, White Mountain Reservation 1884: Geronimo moved here, Fort Yuma Reservation Where Arizona, California Mexico meet. Harris gold deposits along Gastineau Channel, Nome 1898: Gold: Main port on the Bering Sea blocked by ice in winter, Fairbanks 1902: Gold, Prudhoe Bay 1968: Oil reserves, Aleutian Islands: Volcanic Arctic: Arktos: Greek for Bear Island Chain (Pronounced uh LOO shuhn) Arctic Circle: Region. Infants, children beaten by the Sisters of Mercy, no heating, Mt Bellew 1688: Baron Patrick Bellew Province Leinster: County Offaly Wolf / Kings County Edenderry Union Workhouse 1839-20th Century: Fever Hospital, Burial Ground, Mortuary, Convent, Parsonstown-Birr-Biora Workhouse 1620: Sir Lawrence Parson.

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    The State Department of Environmental Protection Comissioner Bob Martin has ordered the plant to halt the spread of contaminated water. Old Sparky refers to electric chairs. She was given the gold Nazi party badge, the highest honour Hitler could bestow. Cupping machine purchased to draw blood in 1848. Filles de roi: Women of the King indentured servants, known as engagés, sent to New France. 1630: Governor John Winthrop. Only 5 islands are inhabited: Ennor-Zennor-St.

    got caught inside, #8221. Dún Channuill: Black Channel, Eileach an Naoimh: Nine Goddess Isle Cleared Garbh Eileach: Rough Island March County of Buteshire March of Bute: Rothsay Royal Burgh, Millport Burgh, Keeylys Boadagh: Bute Kyle / Burnt Islands: Water Islands: Firth of the Clyde between Ayreshire Argyll Eilean Mór. Yukon River is Alaskas chief waterway, 1867: Treaty of Cession of Russian America: Sewards Icebox: USA Secretary of State William. I would see an obligation in us to make some effort to make our reparation for the wrongs that were done to these girls.  Three words that I want to describe. Mercer John de Brekenoke: Treasurer to King Henry VI High Sheriff of Buckingham 1440. Bevan Medical Officer:.M.

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